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    Rely on Hörmann, worldwide

    The Hörmann Group is a growing company in the building materials industry with over 80 independent sales offices worldwide. Doors, frames, and operators are manufactured at highly specialised production locations in Europe, North America and Asia. This 100% family-owned company employees over 6000 staff and achieves sales of over 115 billion yen.

    Hörmann Japan sales company

    Our partner in Japan is the Toyo Shutter Corp.
    Headquarters/Minamisemba Heart Building 12 F, 2-3-2 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, 542-0081
    Tel.: 06-4705-2110

    High-speed doors

    For optimised material flow and improved efficiency

    High-speed doors

    Hörmann high speed doors are used inside and outside. High speed doors optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy. With the ability to close your door rapidly, you can minimise the temperature fluctuations which inevitably result from having an open gap between one area and another – this is true whether you want to keep the area in question cold or warm.
    The Hörmann range includes both vertically and horizontally opening transparent doors with a flexible curtain. They are also available in combination with sectional doors and rolling shutters, as well as with powerful, service-friendly spiral doors with smooth aluminium profiles.

    Our sales partner for high speed doors in Japan is the Toyo Shutter Corp. 

    Headquarters/Minamisemba Heart Building 12 F, 2-3-2 Minamisemba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, 542-0081

    Tel.: 06-4705-2110

    Loading technology


    Logistics systems from a single source

    Hörmann loading technology

    Hörmann offers a perfectly co-ordinated system of modern loading technology for logistics operations. The system is uniquely rounded off with Hörmann's industrial door programme that includes all styles and fitting options.

    • Dock levellers
    • Dock shelters / dock seals
    • Loading houses

    Industrial doors

    A complete range for all kinds of doors

    Hörmann - Your competent partner for industrial doors

    By offering the widest range of products in Europe with numerous versions for all door styles, Hörmann is able to provide you with the perfect door.
    Cutting-edge door and operator technology form a single source ensures perfect function and the highest level of security.

    • Industrial sectional doors
    • Rolling shutters
    • Rolling grilles
    • Folding doors
    • Steel sliding doors
    • Sliding gates
    • Fire doors
    • High-speed doors
    • Double-action doors
    • Strip curtains
    • Sports hall doors

    Garage doors and side doors

    Give your car a beautiful home!

    Garage doors and side doors

    The tried-and-tested up-and-over door opens upwards with a swing-out action before parking itself under your garage ceiling. A choice of more than 30 door styles in steel and timber gives you plenty of creative scope.
    The modern and elegant sectional door opens vertically upwards. As a result, you gain space in front of and inside the garage - a major advantage for short driveways and larger sized vehicles, such as cars, vans or off-the-road vehicles.

    The exceptionally exclusive Hörmann design doors in up-and-over and sectional versions allow you to stamp your personal mark on your property, setting it apart from the rest. Thanks to the many design variations with stylishly arranged embellishments, these design garage doors, particularly when combined with the Hörmann design entrance doors, become real eye-catchers and an expression of your high standards and impeccably good taste.

    Garagentor Sectionaltor



    Comfort and security at the press of a button

    Hörmann garage and entrance gate operators

    No one likes to get out of their car in windy or rainy weather or in the middle of the night, just to open the garage door.

    With Hörmann's garage door operators, you always have a clear path into the garage, as you can open the garage door and gate quickly, conveniently and safely from your car using a hand transmitter.

    Your advantage: Hörmann provides you with a perfectly co-ordinated system consisting of a garage door, garage door operator and entrance gate operator. You do not need an additional receiver, which does away with the need to adjust the operator systems from various manufacturers. This saves you time, money and a lot of bother.


    A broad range to afford properties lasting value

    Whenever hinged doors are called for, Hörmann is your competent partner:

    For new construction and modernisation, Hörmann offers you doors for all building areas all from one source. High quality, colour design and a wide variety of equipment options also characterise this programme.

    • Entrance doors and canopies
    • Internal doors
    • Multi-purpose doors
    • Acoustic-rated doors
    • Security doors
    • Garage side doors
    • Fire door assemblies
    • Smoke-tight door assemblies


    A comprehensive programme with a high profile - the optimum solution for fitting in partition walls


    Hörmann standard and special frames round out the large door range to fit your needs exactly.
    Versions cover everything from standard frames in the form of corner and profile frames to special frames. Special frames and versions:

    • Easy-to-transport knock-down frames
    • Hospital frames
    • Nursery school door frames
    • Sports hall frames
    • Lift frames
    • Sliding door frames
    • Double-action door frames
    • Renovation frames
    • Sloping reveal frames